24 March 2017

Get Screened!

24 March 2017

Manhattan Endoscopy Center Receives Certificate of Recognition for Providing Free Colon Cancer Screenings to Uninsured New Yorkers

Charity Care certificate

23 March 2017


23 October 2016

Get Your Rear in Gear 5K Walk: Manhattan Endoscopy Center Raises Awareness for the importance of Colon Cancer Screenings

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04 April 2016

A Teachable Moment on the Need for Colon Cancer Screening

Colon Cancer Screening

As an alumna of Cornell who had been thrilled by the selection of the university’s first female president, Elizabeth Garrett, last fall, I was deeply pained to learn of her untimely death from colon cancer at age 52 last month. May it be a teachable moment that could save many from a disease that will be diagnosed in an estimated 134,000 people and claim 49,000 lives in the United States this year.

Although colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer, it is the second leading cause of cancer deaths, after lung cancer. Detection guidelines call for screening to begin at 50 for most people, but colon cancer is now increasing in people under 50, and everyone should be aware of the risks and early warning signs.

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16 October 2015

Testimonial from Dr David Robbins talking about his excitement in adopting Fuse for his practice.

30 June 2015

Introducing Fuse®
Full Spectrum Endoscopy®

241 Fuse Field of View Anatomical C
Colonoscopy saves lives. The fact remains, however, that traditional, forward-viewing (TFV) colonoscopes miss many pre-cancerous polyps. Full Spectrum Endoscopy® (Fuse®) is revolutionizing colonoscopy by providing a full 330° view of the colon, almost double the view of traditional, forward-viewing colonoscopes. 

A study recently published in The Lancet Oncology revealed that Fuse found 76% more polyps than traditional, forward-viewing colonoscopes.

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06 May 2014

eur logoManhattan Endoscopy Center is an ASGE center of excellence. ASGE is known as the profession’s leader in setting standards for excellence in endoscopy. The ASGE Endoscopy Unit Recognition Program promotes quality in endoscopy by encouraging endoscopy offices, centers and units to adhere to ASGE guidelines on privileging, quality assurance, endoscopy reprocessing, and CDC infection control guidelines. Fore more information, visit www.asge.org.

30 April 2014

Time for your colonoscopy? Got a friend turning fifty? Take a "wild ride on a flying scope" with this digestive ditty sure to make your toes and bowels move! The divine Ms. Butt Meddler, known for her cheeky and probing insight, will bring you laughter and the intestinal fortitude you need for your own personal periscopic procedure with this charming bowel ballad.

16 March 2014

One of MEC’s own, Lynne Hewette, is participating in an endurance race at the Artic Circle on March 17th.

Lynne is a world class athlete, a marathon runner who has participated in over 60 races across all seven continents and has been featured in numerous articles about endurance athletes.

Her most ambitious project yet is coming up next week when she is going to be one of only a handful of women on the planet to run the ULTRA 360 mile marathon in the Artic Circle.

We thought it would be a wonderful gesture for us here at MEC to donate funds for this venture so we will match staff donations.

Good Luck!