Each of our physicians has specific preparations that they recommend for your procedure. Please be certain that you follow dietary and prep instructions provided by your physician. Click on your doctor on the left navigation bar to see the detail of your prep. A nurse will call you 1-3 days before your procedure to complete a pre-procedure questionnaire and answer any of your questions. You can find your specific preparation instructions by doctor on the left.


  1. Do not wear mascara or heavy make-up and remove nail polish. The skin and nails provide important signs of circulation.
  2. Bring a current list of all your medications with dosages and how often you take them (Including Prescriptions, Over-The-Counter, Herbals, Patches, Inhalers, Eye Drops, Supplements, Vitamins, Aspirin and Oxygen). . If you are instructed by your doctor or nurse to take your morning medications – you may do so with a SIP OF WATER ONLY.
  3. The center cannot be responsible for lost items, so leave all valuables such as jewelry, credit cards and large sums of money at home.
  4. Wear loose and comfortable clothing that can be stored easily.
  5. If you wear glasses, contact lenses, dentures, or a hearing aid, bring along a case to put them in during procedure.