I dreaded the colonsocopy and even more, going to a "center". I feared hospital-sized impersonal protocols, hospital-sized microbial challenges and, other medical catastrophes. I was not a willing participant.

I'm writing to say I was so wrong. Thank you for the beautiful care provided on 5-20-1. Director Chaisson, you run a tight ship.

Rachelle, form our call the prior day when you took notes about my current physical condition, to our meeting in the prep room before the procedure, you really did set me up for success. This was not my first day at any rodeo and, you were the most professional, engaging and confidence-inspiring nurse I've ever had. Thank you so much.

Dr. Goldman, thank you for your calm and very professional manner in handling both my valid and neurotic fears about anesthesia. Getting the drugs right is one thing; giving me the confidence of being in good hands is a gift, and I thank you.

Paula, you were the lovely guiding voice that brought me back to the world, answering my questions, and even offering a gluten-free snack to go with the apple juice. You were the perfect end to a successful event. Thank you.

If I had a wish, it would be to showcase all of you for colonscopy-avoiders everywhere to vicariously experience your excellence. Such an easy prep with Prepopik; such a fast and easy procedure; such grand care through it all.

Having Dr. Fochios as one's doctor doesn't hurt either.

All my best,