Hello Ms. Chaisson:

My name is Shelley I have been wanting to write this letter, just have been so wrapped up in medical issues. But, I could not ever forget the wonderful experience I had at Manhattan Endoscopy particularly because of one very wonderful Nurse.

As an RN yourself, I am also an RN, we know that a good conscientious Nurse can make or break your experience. I was a critical care Nurse for years and have worked though out NYC in many capacities from the streets of the homeless population to Corporate America.

I came to your facility on June 25, 2015 for an endoscopy with Dr. Jusuf Zlatanic. From walking through the front door everyone was so pleasant and courteous. The office itself is lovely as are all of your staff.

But, one Nurse, Ms. Ann Rachel G de Villa was exceptional. I was apprehensive as I have a temporary colostomy to be reversed 9/3/15. She was so outstanding. She was caring, kind, funny, a critical thinker and brought me great comfort throughout. She provided education and I gave her a well-deserved hug. As an older Nurse, it brings me great pleasure to see such an amazing young Nurse that truly will be the future of our profession. Ms. de Villa will be one of the leaders that will carry on the art and science of Nursing. And, that makes me proud.

I apologize it took so long to get this to you. Please let Ms. de Villa know what an impression she has made on me. And, I thank you for your wonderful practice and the excellence conveyed to patients at Manhattan Endoscopy.