Dear Teresa,

I wanted to let you know, as I also had done with each of the members of your staff that I interacted with, that each and every one of the people that I spoke with when coming to your offices on August 19th was smiling, very pleasant (as well as professional) and a delight to work with. (This in spite of my venturing into your offices for a procedure that left me with some trepidation...) From the young lady who greeted me as I got off the elevator, to the next young lady who took down my information and processed the "paperwork", to the nurses I came in contact with, and finally Dr Peter Kim who was most friendly and informative (and Amber, who forwarded to me your contact information), I was very pleased and impressed by the ability of your staff to be both quick and efficient in their work, while still retaining a warm, human touch in their interactions with their patients. Bravo to you and your staff!

My apologies for not remembering the names of all the people I came into contact with, but the anesthetic must have left my mind a bit foggy. Dr Kim's name was on the referral and was easier to retain, as was his firm and sincere handshake and undivided attention he afforded me when we spoke briefly before and after the procedure. But I wanted to let you know that it was a very positive human experience coming to your offices on a day that I did not expect much more than indifferent professionalism.

Thank you, and I tip my hat to you and your team for an exemplary workplace and staff.

With sincere regards,